Seed Post 8/8/10

Seed Post.


This is my seed post of DigitalVomit. I spend a lot of time exploring the Internets, I have decided document my journeys and concentrate the results in one place. In fair warning, this should be considered a NSFW blog. Though the direct content may not be any more obscene than mild vulgarity. The end results of the information obtained here may have quite negative effects on your life, depending on where you are when it is viewed. I am active on imageboards that do contain anonymous driven content. Information provided here is just that, information. Once you follow a link here, you leave here. I am not responsible for what you may find. I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Secondly, this is in effect my first blog. I am not yet familiar with the world of blogging and hopefully I will figure it all out.

Now to the intended content.

For years I have collected media. Active in several Bittorrent and P2P communities. I would like to share this little gem.

Frostclick is secondary service of the popular P2P client Frostwire for the gnutella protocol. Frostclick promotes Music, Video, and Software licensed under Creative Commons… AKA.. Free and legit. If you are a fanboy of the obscure like me. Frostclick is a wonderful refuge from mainstream media. If you support the free sharing of information/media I strongly urge you to support Creative Commons material. You cant go wrong with Legal, Legit, Free, and Good media.

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