Pawning Lulz

So for the last several weeks an epic trolling of Gold and Silver Pawn has taken place. Yes, the pawn shop from Pawnstars. The General Idea is to call, get their attention and ask for battletoads. Resulting in Epic Rage by Rick, Profanity filled fits from chumlee, being transfered to Las Vegas Metro PD, Hangups, cursings, and fucking LULZ! However I believe the trolling has become trite, a little old asking for battletoads. How can Anonymous be featured on the show? I think it would be epic if the Internet Haet Machine trolled these poor chaps into saying things we command them on their show. Things to make them look like fools, like paedophiles, crooks, and just plain fucking ignorant. Admit that Anonymous now controls their business even. This must be accomplished without breaking Rules 1 & 2. Without Them unknowingly breaking Rules 1 & 2. Of corse, we are always from ebaum’s world.

Lets put our collective assholes together and think of how this could be done. For Great Justice.

Has Warriorfrogs?

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