OMG Running Bear and the Illusive v&

MSNBC has uped the annie in their fascination with Paedos. The recent report of the Pedo Bear Image has set the stage for much lulz. Costumes, decals, clothing all bear the mark of pederast sexual deviants. No pun intended. A dark humored cartoon meme has now become the mark of the beast. Its time for a little Chris Hansen/Pedobear shooping, stencils of pedo bear lurking near public places, papercraft pedobears hiding in stores. And for the love of pedobear and all that is holy:

1.) Find a Southern L.A. Street on Google Maps (Prefered near an elementary school)

2.) Call this number 805-781-4550

3.) Report Sightings of a man with a pedobear decal on his car near said street

4.) Remove your pedobear parafanelia to prevent v&

5.) ??????????

6.) Profit.

Do itt Faggot.

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