Anon /i/e –

From D/i/g/i/tal Vom/i/t comes Anon /i/e. I have decided that rather than focusing on internet culture, the main focus of this blog will be privacy and anonymity. Though internet culture will still be a major part of Anon /i/e the majority of content will center around information found at insurgency wikis and obtaining and maintaining security and anonymity. Rather online anonymity is needed for the information you share, out of paranoia, participation in Hactivism, to cover your tracks, or facilitation of illegal activity, Anon /i/e will be a simple source of information. As a supporter of online privacy, a supporter of Anonymous Hactivism, The free share of information, Open Source software, and Anti-ACTA groups, Privacy and Anonymity is  important to me. Though I currently have not achieved total online anonymity, I will share information about the task at hand.

Concerning the blog itself, I will be playing with features of the wordpress hosting, adding and removing pages and links, experimenting with themes, considering hosting and a domain, and looking for authors. The site will grow and change. I am happy to see that over the period of time I was not posting there were still regular readers. I certianly encourage you, if you like the content provided here, or wish to use it as reference, please share this blog with online communities, IRL friends, and keep checking back for new happenings. Also, since I am poor. I am using a free redirection service.

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