Denial of service – The Group Hack of Choice

Though I wouldn’t exactly call Distributed Denial of Service attacks a hack in itself. Because its more of a hack of the ping function. It is ideal for a group with a set agenda to take a particular website completely down and cause Admins all around a huge ole pain in the ass by causing the target network to either be slow as shit or render services (Websites) completely unaccessable to its intended users.  Though there are many methods of a DoS attack the method of choice is a distruption of network resources (Sucking Bandwidth) with a large quantity of wither formed or malformed pings. This is often accomplised with a little possibly infuckted skiddy tool known as LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) That sends a large quantity of pings to the target host or IP.

There actually a more simple method of doing this considering you are using windows and do not want to deal with shady software…


Don't expect much. This attack relies completely on community support.


Personally,  I think Anonymous as a whole should look into other methods of attack. Something a little more effective.

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