Lazy Little Girl – Violates Rules 1 & 2 for your Lurking Pleasure.

A few weeks ago I was lurking 4chan and discovered a little spam that caught my eye. I normally steer clear of spam, Captian Pikard (LEA), Viri, Trolls, and Other faggotry posted in the abysmal corners of the Internuts. This particular spam seemed a little different. A chanlurker that seemed a little different from most. Ive had a few experiences with chanlurkers before, ones like, which is one of the utmost definitions of fail. Against my best judgment, I hop behind over 9000 proxies and copy pasta the link and was pleasantly surprised. The main feed was (Violation), it features a chat on main page, and has a forum, which is mostly used to share fap material, but I did like what I was seeing.

Violating rules 1 & 2 for your fapping pleasure.

I stuck around for a few days and watched the lurkers beg for Corn Pops in chat and none was ever delivered.

If you are like me and only lurk 4chan for the fap material and the occasional laugh. LLG is the site for you. It has capabilities of lurking a few boards, a motherless option, and a light stream of adverts from pleantyoffish which contains a proper amount of fappable material. If you need to escape the bullshit and evade rate me threads and only want the images then LLG.

The site admin SleepyCal is a pretty cool dude and lets me spam around the site too. I would like to give a brief description of how LLG works however I havent seen much out of SleepyCal here lately. Maybe it will make for another post. A good post for to end a post gap… like this one.


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