The Classic Asshatery – Updates From The Internets

I don’t have much to write about here lately. My time over the past few weeks has been limited. It is a sad state of affairs when a geek doesn’t have time to play with new software. I have been doing a bit of lurking/posting around various /i/ boards and have come to a single conclusion. 711 are a bunch of blithering asshats. Though some of the Anons around their boards are pretty sharp, the general mentality of that place can be full of fail and faggotry. Should be coming back soon. After there ISP and Host got a little scared and shut them down, there is a good deal of talk on IRC about its triumphant return. The site was said to be going back up last weekend but it still appears to be down.

rockstararmy are also a bunch of asshats.

Also I finally caved and installed a copy of Windows 7 (Windows 8XTreme) Which has only small amounts of fail compared to its older sister Vista. Ill create another boot partition and install a fun new hip linux distro on it later this weekend and most likely will never boot into Windows again. Well avid fans and faggots. Thanks for reading this bullshit post. Send me ideas for content. Leave it in comments.

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