Anon/i/e <3’s 211chan 211Talk and 211Wiki

Holic is a pretty cool guy. A few weeks ago I made a post on 211chan’s /i/ board concerning Operation HypoHipster and instant support was granted from Holic. In fact the thread was stickied. I posted in the same thread a link to Anonymous Information Exchange and inquired about an affiliation agreement. Holic liked the project and we later worked out an affiliation agreement. A banner for Anonymous Information Exchange will be displayed on the /i/ board and on the 211 main page along with its affiliates page. I also mentioned that Anon/i/e is open to any of the 211 staff who wishes to produce content and I certainly hope someone takes me up on the offer. 211chan is not the only project involved, there is also 211Talk, a simple BBS board, optimized for mobile devices and a Wiki which currently does not have any content which we hope to gain very soon. In the mean time, head over to 211chan, 211Talk, and 211Wiki and get to posting niggers.

211chan - Get there. Get Posting. Get AIDS.




Not fail like other unmentionable BBS boards.


Hopefully for all things win.

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