Eraser your data – TL;DR Can cost you.

Covering the tracks of your Moralfag Hacktivist scheme that it going to save the world, removing the copious amounts of Communist Propaganda, or if you are just plain paranoid can seem like a daunting task. The delete function of a windows operating system does not initially remove any data, it only marks the area of the writable disk as reusable until it is overwritten at a later date. It is also theorized that L.E.A.s can use more sophisticated methods of data recovery than just software.

Eraser is a software for secure file deletion which has several options for deletion which includes the profound Guttmann Method



Also includes 12 other methods for Default file erase and 12 for default unused space.

Eraser also has an option to replace an overwritten file with another for Plausible Deniably. Some of these methods are theory and have been critisized by a few government agencies. Information on these methods can be found on Wikipedia so Lurk More.

Remember nothing beats a can of Thermite resting safely beside your battle station.

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