Anon /i/e – Anonymous Information Exchange?

Anonymous Information Exchange.

The Goal of Anonymous Information Exchange is to filter relevant content and create a source of information. Static pages, recent posts, external links, and information used with consent of its original author can be found here.

Content found here is for informational purposes only and what you do with it is your own business.

Anon/i/e links to many third-party sites, typically those with Anonymous postings and community driven content and can not be held liable for any damages that may occur. Once you follow a link, you are at a site that is not in any way affiliated with Anonymous Information Exchange. Content and information found at third-party sites may not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Anonymous Information Exchange or its affiliates.

In effect this should be considered a NSFW blog. Any links found here should be considered NSFW content, and ANY content or information that violates State, Federal, or U.S. Law found or used is NOT content hosted or promoted by Anonymous Information Exchange.

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