OMG Running Bear and the Illusive v&

MSNBC has uped the annie in their fascination with Paedos. The recent report of the Pedo Bear Image has set the stage for much lulz. Costumes, decals, clothing all bear the mark of pederast sexual deviants. No pun intended. A dark humored cartoon meme has now become the mark of the beast. Its time for a little Chris Hansen/Pedobear shooping, stencils of pedo bear lurking near public places, papercraft pedobears hiding in stores. And for the love of pedobear and all that is holy:

1.) Find a Southern L.A. Street on Google Maps (Prefered near an elementary school)

2.) Call this number 805-781-4550

3.) Report Sightings of a man with a pedobear decal on his car near said street

4.) Remove your pedobear parafanelia to prevent v&

5.) ??????????

6.) Profit.

Do itt Faggot.


ACTA – Who is and what side.

Who is doing it?

This assault on your liberties has many perpetrators, all of whom must be dealt with accordingly. They are listed in brief below.




  • Tim Couch
  • Zensursula
  • Tim Kuik
  • Stephon Conroy (Autralian broadband minister)
  • Li Yizhong (Li Yizhong is the incumbent Minister of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China.)



Who is on our side?

On the bright side, there are those who stand on the side of internet freedom, net neutrality, and fair, reasonable copyright laws — and, consequentially, they are none too fond of ACTA.


  • Google (Google can be both a friend and an enemy. They are all for net neutrality but will block search queries and will have youtube videos deleted (they own youtube).
  • EBay
  • Cherry Lane Digital
  • Lotus Development Corporation


  • Internet Freedom Preservation Act 2008 (HR 5353)
  • Reps. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Chip Pickering (R-Miss.)
  • Pirate Party


  • Vinton Cerf
  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee,
  • Richard R. Wiebe
  • Richard M. Hall (Moby)


Cooley Godward LLP

  • EFF (Surveillance Self-Defense)
  • Intellectual Property Group at Fenwick & West LLP
  • Keker & Van Nest LLP
  • Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF)
  • Free Software Foundation (FSF)
  • Stanford Center for Law, Science and Technology
  • Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic at Boalt Hall School of Law
  • UC Berkeley and an Acting Clinical Professor of Law
  • University of Miami School of Law
  • OpenNet Initiative
  • Wikileaks global defense of sources and press freedoms

Meshnet – Compliments of

A Network by and for the people


What if there were ways for us to exist without anyone controlling the network or the websites we lurk around? What if I told you that you could use the same technology as torrenting to distribute websites irrespective of servers and that whole nonsense? What if I told you we could own the physical network?

Out with Telcoms, in with Mesh

No more AT&T, Comcast, or their likes controlling our interwebs. There exists a technology called mesh (802.11s wireless) which makes it possible. We can use the technology to make our power and communications autonomous, anonymous, ubiquitous, and free-to-access.

Mesh vs Fiber Optics

Right now, mesh can’t beat fiber optics with its 5gbps speed. However, an opportunistic multiple input multiple output mesh network can get 100mbps over the air with around a 90% bandwidth efficiency over multiple hops with the ability to reconfigure each device in response to a downed node in under 50ms (a ping good enough for even shootan gaymes). Each mesh device in the network adds redundancy to the network making it more resilient to failure. More importantly, mesh can be deployed anywhere and everywhere for very little cost.

Mix and Match Technologies

You can combine this technology with solar panels to make a distributed network of electric power. Google is on it with mesh and the Smartgrid.

You can combine this technology with VOIP to make a true distributed telephony network.

You can combine this technology with P2P software and grid computing to make a distributed processing network.

You can combine this technology with P2P/P4P/DDNS to make a distributed website hosting network.

You combine all that with open source software, firmware, and hardware, we can expect amazing advancements in just about everything we do.

Slowly but Surely

Anon, I am asking you to champion this idea. To share this information with people you think might be able to do something about it. Only a very small portion of us need to develop the technology for all of us to be able to benefit from it. The trick here is to start using the technology. If you use linux or mac and you have wireless, you already have the power to contribute to the mesh network. Get yourself one of these devices; you won’t regret it.

I figure at $20 per device we could build a network of 50 million of these devices in less than 5 years. It took the internet 4 years to reach 50 million people. iPods took 3 years. Facebook took 2 years. At first, this network won’t be much. Maybe, you, your friends, and your neighbor sharing bandwidth wirelessly while still wired into your normal ISP, but the more people who join your network, the better your network becomes until one day the network becomes the Internet.

Most of the work has already been done. For some of us. we have already begun the process, but it is far from a united front.

Imagine the possibilities, anon? One unified net owned by the people, built by the people, for the people. started by the technolo/g/y board here – created a decentralized network using obscure software as and edn-run around restrictions on internet use, etc. Hasn’t blown up to many users but it’s been going on for 6-9 months now.

Paper folding Weaboos may be on to something.

There is a 4chan board I have payed very little attention to, but when doing a google image search I have discovered that some of the paper folding weaboos may hold certian skills needed for potential lulz. Sure anybody with even the mildest case of aspergers syndrome can sit and fold tiny pieces of paper for hours. As with many things where the real magic lies is where and how this is used. Ceiling cat pasted on ceilings in public places. The 4chan party van outside of paedophiles registered in your area. Confusing little figurines posted in common places around town. Be original. Want more info on Papercraft? Lurk More.

Just a simple thought…


Sitting here by candlelight (powers out) I am thinking that with all the technological advances someone should discover a way to keep the transformers from kicking off when a tree limb touches both the lines. I’m no scientist and am speaking from honest curiosity… Perhaps one day science will evolve to further prevent such said events from happening. I know its no mind boggling blog, but it arouses my interests in the intricacy of electricity. Thats all for now my friends. *picture relevant that damn utility workers need to speed things up!*


testing, 123, does any anon hear me?

Pawning Lulz

So for the last several weeks an epic trolling of Gold and Silver Pawn has taken place. Yes, the pawn shop from Pawnstars. The General Idea is to call, get their attention and ask for battletoads. Resulting in Epic Rage by Rick, Profanity filled fits from chumlee, being transfered to Las Vegas Metro PD, Hangups, cursings, and fucking LULZ! However I believe the trolling has become trite, a little old asking for battletoads. How can Anonymous be featured on the show? I think it would be epic if the Internet Haet Machine trolled these poor chaps into saying things we command them on their show. Things to make them look like fools, like paedophiles, crooks, and just plain fucking ignorant. Admit that Anonymous now controls their business even. This must be accomplished without breaking Rules 1 & 2. Without Them unknowingly breaking Rules 1 & 2. Of corse, we are always from ebaum’s world.

Lets put our collective assholes together and think of how this could be done. For Great Justice.

Has Warriorfrogs?