The Ult/i/mate guide to the /i/nternets.

Page under construction. Here is an outline of what it will contain.

The Internets?

The internet is a special place, a world connected by blogs, wikis, social networking, and forums. The forum is an interesting creature and can hide in the deepest darkest corners of the internet. Among Forums there is a very special sub-species known as image boards. The image board is the alpha male of the internets and breeds such boards which are so horrid and unspeakable they are often refered to with such names as “The asshole of the internet” or “The putrid disease ridden cunt of the internet”. This along with a gang of stray wikis and anonymous social posting, proxys, and a loosely organized group of “Hackers on Steroids” Sick twisted fucks, perverts, skiddies, and a wide collection of tools and prey for its antics, no assclown is safe.

There are commonly understood rules followed in a place like this.

Always remember 1 & 2. No matter what, you are from ebaums world.

Lurk More

Before you go asking questions LURK MORE. There is most likely already a solution or what you are looking for can be easily obtained through other means. Also people do not like their communities bombarded with stupid requests. Obtain your own collection of resources, and fucking use them. Lurking more has more benefits than you think and could possibly save your ass in this cruel vicious world. Google, Tineye, Encyclopedia Dramatica, AnonNewsWire, Partyvan Wiki, Lurkmore Wiki, The Overchan, Chan4Chan, Board Search features, /r/  Chan Toplist, and IRC. If you must make a request, depending on where you are there is probably a proper place for making requests, if there isnt, don’t just stand around shouting MOAR like a fucking retard. You most likely will though.


For Fucks sake pay attention to your surrounding, try to find information for yourself. You will be amazed at what you will find.


There are some Wikis that will be relevant to your interests. More will be posted later, start with these.

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Encyclopedia Dramatica - If you need to know about something.

Lurking 4chan

4chan is quite possibly the most popular imageboard on the internets and is indeed, though some would argue otherwise, the staple of this culture. The majority of memes, raids, lulz, and faggotry originate here. Every board is a community in its own and have understood rules of its board, though there are no official rules, shy of those that break united states law, the community does have its way of controlling itself. It is a good idea you lurk the boards for a good period of time before you start posting, learn how they work, and get a feel of the mods and community or else a B& or at least a barrage of Faggot and GTFO will occur. Though by default you are anonymous, it is not very difficult for common lurkers to know who you are just by your method of post and by the content you supply. They know how long you have been there, if you know what you are doing and if you ask questions, do not expect a straight forward answer.

Working 4chan

Here are a few visual guides on how 4chan works.

Never listen to these.

This is another way we keep newfags out of our raid board and from finding out the secrets of Anonymous

Posting on 4chan

Think you are ready to start posting on any 4chan board. You are wrong. Any respectable anonymous would never do such a thing without first testing his/her ability to make an epic thread somewhere other than the board he/she calls home. First try a few of these things and post results on the board you call home.

Go forth and do. Post results

Do. Post results. Anonymous will tell you if you are worthy to continue posting.

9.) OL Trolling

10.) Doxing

11.) IRL Trolling


Here is a flowchart of how all raids go.

Do you see where the fail is? Always Rules 1 & 2. You are always from Ebaums world.

Now that that is out of the way. There are many different typed of raids. The two most common raids are IRL and OL. Raids are usually a result of some cause or other faggotry. If you should participate in a raid. Remember Rules 1 & 2 apply here more so than normal. There is a difference between a raid and group trolling. Though raids are lulzy they should not be confused with IRL or OL Trolling. Calling Gold and Silver Pawn or Gamestop and asking for battletoads is not a raid. That is IRL trolling. Harassing other boards or communities without group support or a loosely agreed upon goal is not a raid. This is OL trolling. Sometimes people participating in raids need a certian set of tools or an extra veil of anonymity to carry out their contribution to the raid. There is a section on that. LURK MORE!

13.) Skiddy Tools

14.) Considering the magnitude of information I have to share on topic of privacy and anonymity, I have decided to create a dedicated static page for it. It contains information on Anonymity, Proxies, Tor, Privoxy, Truecrypt, PGP, TCP/IP Encryption, Stunnel, and VMWare. Ide suggest reading it. Tl;dr could result in v&.

18.) System32

19.) Destroying Data

20.) Win

21.) Fail

    • Anon
    • February 2nd, 2011

    Nice, a guide to reducing newfaggotry

    • I wish this were so. To create a real ultimate guide would be entirely too time consuming and a metric fuckton of content so unfortunately, we have elected to discontinue this section for more relevant content. This site is moving, if you are a regular user, please come check it out pre launch The new site will include many new features and a lot of new content from new authors.

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